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It's all about the street credit, you don't get no cash if you got no street cred. That and a job. *Insert Website Under Construction*

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Well you go through school wonder what the hell to do with your extend life thanks to science. However along the way you meet some strange people and those people happen to have some skill to pay the bills. My Name is Marcus I have been drawing since prep. I hope to utilize this skill in a career of animation until then it's just flat paper and comics. Suspended Animations was form in 2008 when Me an artist Dan A Designer and Schnur a hermit musician decided to put our skilsl together to make a portfolio website. You know because we know about website and shit like that. Anyway we originally decided to do it in dremweaver/ html but I've just started a course in flash so I decided to test my skills and make the site using flash only However it's taking a while due to the fact I still have other work to do. put I did manage to put a preview of the design of the site if you look ere'

Supsened Animations Website

We are a Australian, Melborune city grown artist and we have big dreams... well I hope to own a pirate ship with a swimming pool and a slippery slide that goes from the crows nest to the pool. Anyway we are here and hope to stay. Wish us luck and will promise some awesome shit that will eventually happen.

The logo was created by me it's now a stencil, Vector Image and is ready to be put on fabrics. HOARY FOR MERCHANDISING!

Suspend Animations

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